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Welcome to Fairy Tail Couples Wiki!

Welcome to the Fairy Tail Couples Wiki! This Wiki is dedicated into promoting the couples of Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima. Whether it be canon, semi-canon, or fanon, we will do our best in providing you information and a close analysis on the relationship of the different pairings. We also have articles dedicated to the different rivals. Please help us by creating or editing articles. If you're having problem in editing the wiki, feel free to ask any help from the Administrators, Chat Moderators, Technicians or even from regular users here.

There are 165 articles created in this wiki and 22,709 edits have been done.

Featured Couple

Aquario (スコアク Sukoaku) is a canon pair between Celestial Spirits, Scorpio and Aquarius.

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Featured Manga Moment

413 Days

  • Juvia Tells Gray about Their Anniversary
  • Gray Frantically Looking for the Scarf while Juvia Touches the Snow
  • Gray and Juvia Apologizing to One Another

Juvia decides to hand make Gray a scarf to celebrate their 413th day anniversary. When she finds Gray outside to give it to him, he instantly tells her goodnight. Juvia tries to reason with him saying the scarf looks cute, that she made it for him, and the weather is getting cold. Gray tells her he is an ice mage so the cold doesn't bother him. Juvia explains it's their anniversary to which Gray apologizes telling her some other time. Juvia then learns today is the anniversary of Ur's death, so she blames herself, thinking she ruined his day. After recalling Ur wrapping a scarf around him when he was younger, Gray quickly runs back to where he left Juvia, frantically looking and digging for the scarf she made him. Once found, he wears the scarf around his neck and blushes saying it's warm. He starts to walk, smiling to himself for the first time that day. The next day, Gray and Juvia apologize to each other.

Featured Animated Moment

The Blooming Capital - Crocus

  • Lyon Interrupts Gray and Juvia's Conversation
  • Lyon Snatches Juvia Away
  • Juvia's Confusion with the Two's Bet

Juvia decides to confront Gray and calls out to him, asking him out to dinner. Gray agrees to go but Lyon shows up, interrupting them by suggesting a restaurant and trying to take Juvia away by herself, much to Gray's dismay. Lyon stops and tells Gray that he has heard that Gray is planning on entering the Grand Magic Games. The two clash their heads and Lyon begins to brag that Lamia Scale has always been in second place without him or Jura ever participating, to which Gray counter-attacks by stating that they have a monster with them. Lyon then makes a bet that if Lamia Scale wins, Juvia will join their guild. Gray asks what he will get if he wins, to which Lyon replies that he gets to keep Juvia, Gray replying she is theirs to begin with. Juvia tries to stop them by asking Gray to choose if he wants Lyon or her, and Gray asks her if she has followed the conversation at all.

Special Announcements

The Return of the Anime

Fairy Tail Anime will premiere in Japan on April 5, 2014.

Fairy Tail Festival

Hiro Mashima announce that Kodansha will publish four special one-shot chapters of his Fairy Tail series in March and April. Each full-size chapter will be at least 20 pages in length. The April issue of Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine will feature the character Frosch and the Sabertooth guild on March 8. This year's 4th issue of Magazine Special will include a Gray and Juvia chapter on March 20. This year's 18th issue of Young Magazine will feature Erza on March 31. The May issue of Monthly Shonen Magazine will publish a special chapter with Natsu, Lucy, and a mystery character on April 5.

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This is the 413TH day that Juvia and Gray-sama have been in the same vicinity.

—Juvia Lockser to Gray Fullbuster,
413 Days


With the upcoming return of the anime, Hiro Mashima created four special one-shot chapters for the Fairy Tail Festival. So this poll will be about the recent omake chapters.

Which Omake Chapter is Your Favorite?

The poll was created at 05:34 on April 1, 2014, and so far 150 people voted.
Poll Results

Here are the results of the poll that was created at 05:16 on March 1, 2014. There were 190 people who voted for the What is your favorite threesome? and the results are:

Position Title Votes Percentage
1 Gray x Juvia x Lyon 104 54.74%
2 Natsu x Lucy x Gray 43 22.63%
3 Lucy x Natsu x Lisanna 18 9.47%
4 Natsu x Lucy x Loke 6 3.16%
5 Cana x Laxus x Mirajane 5 2.63%
5 Gray x Erza x Natsu 5 2.63%
7 Jellal x Erza x Simon 4 2.11%
8 Gray x Erza x Jellal 3 1.58%
9 Lucy x Gray x Juvia 1 0.53%
9 Juvia x Lyon x Chelia 1 0.53%
ElfEver Week

ElfEver Week is a whole week dedicated to ElfEver, the other pairing name for ElfGreen. It will start on May 23 and end on May 29.

The prompts are:

Day 1: Flowers
Day 2: Endearment
Day 3: Secret
Day 4: Enosimania
Day 5: Hands
Day 6: Kiss
Day 7: Ties

The bonus prompts are:

April 20: Sentry
May 7: Lost
May 31: Reach

For more information about the event, go here

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