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Welcome to Fairy Tail Couples Wiki!

Welcome to the Fairy Tail Couples Wiki! This Wiki is dedicated into promoting the couples of Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima. Whether it be canon, semi-canon, or fanon, we will do our best in providing you information and a close analysis on the relationship of the different pairings. We also have articles dedicated to the different rivals. Please help us by creating or editing articles. If you're having problem in editing the wiki, feel free to ask any help from the Administrators, Chat Moderators, Technicians or even from regular users here.

There are 212 articles created in this wiki and 31,307 edits have been done.

Featured Couple
Leo and Aries1

Lories (Loke x Aries; ロキアリ Rokiari) is a fanon pair between Fairy Tail Mage and Celestial Spirit, Loke and Celestial Spirit, Aries.

Check the image gallery here.
Featured Manga Moment

Chapter 416: Tartarus Arc, Final Part

  • Gray Grabs Juvia's Coat
  • Gray Thanks Juvia
  • Gray and Juvia Hug

Juvia finds Gray sitting in front of a tombstone in the northern continent, hesitantly comes up behind him, and immediately apologizes when Gray accuses her of following him. Wanting to tell him for a long time now, Juvia admits that the person who took down the necromancer that was controlling Silver was herself. Shaking, hiccuping, and sobbing Juvia explains that she believes she has no right to love Gray anymore, because she killed his father. With his eyes hidden, Gray makes his way over to Juvia, grabbing her by the front of her coat. Unable to contain his feelings any longer, Gray breaks down and lets his head fall on Juvia’s chest. In Juvia’s arms, tears are now running down Gray’s face as he thanks her. They both then fall to their knees, with a crying Gray telling her that he’s sorry over and over again.  Visibly shaking, Gray wraps his arms around Juvia’s waist, while she also holds him, making a comment that he’s warm.

Featured Animated Moment

Episode 220: 413 Days

  • Juvia Presents Her Knitted Scarf to Gray
  • Gray Wearing Juvia's Knitted Scarf
  • Juvia Presents Her Body Pillow to Gray

Erza suggests that Juvia give Gray a present to celebrate the 413th day since she met him. After asking different people what their perfect gifts would be to get an idea of what she should get for Gray, Juvia decides to knit a scarf. Juvia soon bumps into him around a corner and presents him with the scarf, telling him about the occasion. But he coldly dismisses her. Later, Erza sees Juvia crying by the riverside and hears her story. Juvia says that she heard from Lyon that today is the death anniversary of Gray's teacher, Ur. Erza apologizes for putting her up with the idea and then comforts her as she cries into her bosom. Gray, still wandering about Magnolia, begins to reminisce about his past days with Ur. Realizing that he has made a great mistake, he runs back to the spot where he met Juvia and begins to dig up the snow to retrieve the scarf. As he dons the scarf and praises its warmth, Erza passes him and smiles on seeing his actions. The next day, Juvia sees Gray at the Guild and they both apologise to each other, Juvia not realising it was a sad day for Gray and Gray for upsetting Juvia with his attitude. Juvia then presents Gray with a body pillow of herself, shocking Gray and the rest of the guild.

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Jerza Week

Jerza Week is a whole week dedicated to Jerza. It will start on May 24 and end on May 30.

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Day 1: Roses or Strawberries
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May 17: Tomorrow

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Laxana Day is a day dedicated to Laxana. It will be on June 16.

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ElfEver Week is a whole week dedicated to ElfEver, the other pairing name for ElfGreen. It will start on May 31 and end on June 6.

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Day 1: Heart
Day 2: Dream
Day 3: Hope
Day 4: Free Prompt
Day 5: Alternate Universe
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May 14: Home

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Still...It was hard to take you seriously with you in that maid outfit.

—Gray Fullbuster to Lucy Heartfilia,
Chapter 430: Operation Purify


With Team Natsu back together again and ready to fight the Avatar cultists, this month's poll will be about them.

Who is your favorite duo in Team Natsu?

The poll was created at 02:35 on May 3, 2015, and so far 152 people voted.
Poll Results

Here are the results of the poll that was created at 05:00 on March 7, 2015. There were 305 people who voted for the Who do you want to receive a White Day gift from?' and the results are:

Position Title Votes Percentage
1 Gray Fullbuster 119 39.02%
2 Natsu Dragneel 51 16.72%
3 Rogue Cheney 31 10.16%
4 Gajeel Redfox 25 8.20%
5 Jellal Fernandes 19 6.23%
6 Laxus Dreyar 16 5.25%
7 Sting Eucliffe 11 3.61%
8 Loke 7 2.30%
8 Lyon Vastia 7 2.30%
8 Zeref 7 2.30%
11 Cobra 5 1.64%
12 Hibiki Lates 3 0.98%
12 Other 3 0.98%
14 Elfman Strauss 1 0.33%
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