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About GuildsEdit

Guilds are projects that consist of a group of users called "Mages" who are dedicated to improve the quality of articles or images which are circled around their respective roles or duties.

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Rules Edit

  • Guilds require confirmation by the current Guild Master to be declared official.
  • Guild founders/leaders are permitted to decide how to run their Guild. The Supervisor normally won't intervene unless the guild is breaching policy or he or she feels that intervention is necessary.
  • Guilds are for improving Fairy Tail Couples Wiki, Social Guilds are permitted, but they must be discussed before creation.



The Supervisor of the current guilds is Administrator Ice-make:gray and the leaders, or "Guild Masters" or Administrators.

Leader name Signature Guild leaded Current Status
Supervisor Ice-make:gray (Talk) Ice-makeGrayGray~sama Wiki

Guild Master Arvee100smart (Talk) Arvee100smart  ( ゚ Д゚ ) The Imaginators
Guild Master Dynasty101Warriors (Talk) Dynasty 101Warriors

Guild Master Cinnamon sugar (Talk) Cinnamon Sugar Talk PageStrawberry-Cake Rivalry Makers

Former LeadersEdit

Leader name Signature Guild leaded Current Status
Natsumi Thetis (Talk) Chibi NatsuNatsumi Talk!Lucy 12th openinh The Imaginators Inactive
WingCastle (Talk) WingCastle Talk Page Rivalry Makers


Mages are supported by the Administrators in regards to their specific edit categories. Mages are asked to engage in the regular upkeep and editing that would be expected of any user. Being a Mage is largely informal and Mages are only asked to help in their respective groups when they are able.

Guild MarkEdit


For Guild Masters ONLY!!!

GuildMaster This user is a Guild Master of the Fairy Tail Couples Wiki 's Guilds.

Guild Masters may choose to display the Fairy Tail Couples Wiki Guild Master Mark, to do so just type {{GuildMaster}} on your profile page.


480px-Meredy in X791 This user is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Couples Wiki's Guilds


Mages may choose to display the Fairy Tail Couples Wiki Guild Mark, to do so just type {{Mage}} on your profile page.

Former Mage This user is a former member of a Fairy Tail Couples Wiki 's guild and/or team.

Former Mages may choose to display the Former Fairy Tail Couples Wiki Mage, to do so just type {{FormerMember}} on your profile page.

Fairy Tail Couples Wiki GuildsEdit

The Imaginators
The Imaginators Guild
Dedicated to accept requests from other users to create fanon articles and also create and maintain couple articles.
Primary contact: Arvee100smart (Talk)

Snapshot Guild
Dedicated to make sure that all images in the wiki are of high quality.
Primary contact: Dynasty101Warriors (Talk)
SnapShot Guild Logo

Rivalry Makers Guild
Rivalry Makers Guild
Dedicated to create and maintain rivalry articles.
Primary contact: Cinnamon sugar (Talk)