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Erza's Father x Irene is a past canon pair between Erza's Father and the most powerful female member of the Alvarez Empire, Irene Belserion.

About Irene Belserion and FatherEdit

Erza's FatherEdit

Erza's father was the husband of Irene Belserion and the father of Erza Scarlet.

Irene BelserionEdit

Irene Belserion was the wife of Erza's father and the mother of Erza Scarlet.


Erza's Father's HistoryEdit

Not much is known about Erza's Father's History, but Irene Belserion married him for political settlements of territorial disputes and Irene became pregnant with his child.

Irene Belserion's HistoryEdit

Irene lived 400 years ago, having married Erza's Father (a general of a neighboring country) for political sellement of territorial disputes and she became pregnant with his child. Due to her incredible Magic Power, she was the queen of a country called Dragnof, where humans and dragons peacefully coexisted.


Not much is known of their relationship. But when Irene Belserion told her daughter Erza, who her father was. Irene did mention that Erza's Father, kept her company on many battlefields and took care of her when Belserion (a dragon died).

But one week after the war known as The Dragon King Festival ended, their relationship turned for the worst, when Irene Belserion transformation into a dragon began (due to Dragon Slayer Magic), Erza's Father treated and called her a monster, he ordered his men to put Irene in the dungeons (fearing she would become like Acnologia), Irene tried to deter him revealing she was pregnant.

But Erza's Father refused to believe Irene was pregnant and he told her he doesn't have a child, with a monster. For three years, Irene was tortured, people used violence on her and she was humiliated (strung up naked in front of lots of people).

Then when Erza's Father told Irene, her execution date and time had been decided, Irene tried once more to tell him about their child, but he believed it was a lie (due to fact, Irene kept her child's growth halted with Magic) and Erza's Father claimed no one is pregnant for three years. She told him about Magic and she couldn't give birth, to their child in the dungeon cell (that Irene was in).

But Erza's Father still believing it was a lie, he attacked her, slashing her stomach to prove to himself that Irene wasn't pregnant. But this trigged Irene's complete transformation into a Dragon, where she rampaged and killed her husband before flying away.


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