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AlBisAlBis/Image GalleryAngelrose
Angelrose/Image GalleryAquarioAquario/Image Gallery
BaccanaBaccana/Image GalleryBelrene
Belrene/Image GalleryBickslow and EvergreenBickslow and Freed
BixannaBixanna/Image GalleryBovia
Bovia/Image GalleryBraxBrax/Image Gallery
CactorCakzaCakza/Image Gallery
Cana Alberona/RelationshipsCana and LucyCana vs. Mirajane
Cana vs. Mirajane/Image GalleryCanon CouplesCanon Rivals
CappyCappy/Image GalleryCarla/Relationships
CarlyCarly/Image GalleryCaterva
CatiannaCelestial Spirit CouplesChendy
CheonCheon/Image GalleryConbolt Family
Connell FamilyCouplesCouples/Image Gallery
DanLuDanLu/Image GalleryDangel
Dangel/Image GalleryDorandyDragneel Family
Dragneel Family/Image GalleryDreyar FamilyEdo AlBis
Edo AlBis/Image GalleryEdo GruviaEdo Gruvia/Image Gallery
Edo JerzaEdo Jerza/Image GalleryEdo NaLu
Edo NaLu/Image GalleryEdolas CouplesElfGreen
ElfGreen/Image GalleryElfman Strauss/RelationshipsErza Scarlet/Relationships
Erza and HappyErza and JuviaErza and Kagura
Erza and LucyErza and WendyEvendy
Evendy/Image GalleryExceed CouplesExceed Rivals
Fairy Tail Couples WikiFamilyFanon Couples
Fanon RivalsFippyFippy/Image Gallery
FlaLuFraxusFraxus/Image Gallery
Freed and EvergreenFriendsFullbuster Family
GajeRoGajeRo/Image GalleryGajeel Redfox/Relationships
Gajeel and JuviaGajeel and Panther LilyGajevy
Gajevy/Image GalleryGilliaGrancer
Grancer/Image GalleryGratsuGratsu/Image Gallery
GrayLuGrayLu/Image GalleryGrayMi
Gray Fullbuster/RelationshipsGray and ErzaGray and Happy
Gray and LokeGray and LucyGray and Natsu
Gray and WendyGray vs. LyonGray vs. Lyon/Image Gallery
GraynaGrayonGrayon/Image Gallery
GrayzaGrayza/Image GalleryGrultear
Grultear/Image GalleryGruviaGruvia/Image Gallery
Happy/RelationshipsHappy vs. Panther LilyHeartfilia Family
HiLuHiLu/Image GalleryHibiCana
HibiCana/Image GalleryHibikennyHibikenny/Image Gallery
Hibiki Lates/RelationshipsHirenIchiya and Nichiya
IchizaIchiza/Image GalleryIrene Belserion and Erza's Father
JeguraJellal Fernandes/RelationshipsJellal and Meredy
JelliraJellira/Image GalleryJeltear
Jeltear/Image GalleryJeredyJerza
Jerza/Image GalleryJet & Droy vs. GajeelJet & Droy vs. Gajeel/Image Gallery
Jet vs. DroyJet vs. Droy/Image GalleryJurichiya
JutsuJutsu/Image GalleryJuvia's Love Chart
Juvia Lockser/RelationshipsJuvia vs. ErzaJuvia vs. Flare
Juvia vs. SherriaJuvia vs. Sherria/Image GalleryJuyla
Juyla/Image GalleryKagurzaKinabra
Kinabra/Image GalleryLaLiLaLi/Image Gallery
LaLuLariaLaria/Image Gallery
LarlLarl/Image GalleryLavia
Lavia/Image GalleryLaxanaLaxana/Image Gallery
Laxus Dreyar/RelationshipsLaxus and BickslowLaxus and Evergreen
Laxus and FreedLeatsuLeatsu/Image Gallery
Levy McGarden/RelationshipsLisanna vs. JuviaLisanna vs. Juvia/Image Gallery
LoLuLoLu/Image GalleryLoke/Relationships
LoriesLories/Image GalleryLucy's List of Perfect Boyfriends
Lucy Heartfilia/RelationshipsLucy and AriesLucy and Gemini
Lucy and HappyLucy and HorologiumLucy and Levy
Lucy and WendyLucy vs. JuviaLucy vs. Juvia/Image Gallery
Lucy vs. LisannaLucy vs. Lisanna/Image GalleryLucy vs. Yukino
LuenLuen/Image GalleryLunasun
LurusLurus/Image GalleryLyon Vastia/Relationships
LyredyLyredy/Image GalleryLyvia
Lyvia/Image GalleryMacanaMakalyusica
Makalyusica/Image GalleryMakarov Dreyar/RelationshipsMarin X Brandish
Mine FamilyMinecchusMinecchus/Image Gallery
MiraFreedMiraFreed/Image GalleryMirajane Strauss/Relationships
Mirajane and LucyMiraxusMiraxus/Image Gallery
MysterzaMysterza/Image GalleryNaLi
NaLi/Image GalleryNaLuNaLu/Image Gallery
NaMiNaMi/Image GalleryNaWen
NaWen/Image GalleryNafLuNafLu/Image Gallery
NareboNatsu Dragneel/RelationshipsNatsu and Erza
Natsu and HappyNatsu and RomeoNatsu vs. Gray
Natsu vs. Gray/Image GalleryNatzaNatza/Image Gallery
Other CouplesOther RivalsPanther Lily/Relationships
Past CouplesPast RivalsRerry
Rerry/Image GalleryRivalsRivals/Image Gallery
RoKaRoKa/Image GalleryRoWen
RoWen/Image GalleryRoYuRoYu/Image Gallery
Rogue and FroschRoguervaSemi-Canon Couples
Semi-Canon RivalsShalyShyon
Shyon/Image GallerySilkaSimon vs. Jellal
SirzaSirza/Image GalleryStigura
StingRo/Image GalleryStingYuStingYu/Image Gallery
Sting and LectorSting and RogueStinganna
StitsuStrauss FamilyVelceto
Velceto/Image GalleryWendy Marvell/RelationshipsWendy and Carla
Wendy and PorlyusicaYutaZervis
Zervis/Image Gallery

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