Hi everybody! I'm here to inform you that I made a request on community central to be promoted as a bureaucrat of the wiki.

A lot of you may as: "What is bureaucrat?" Well, a bureaucrat can grant rollback, administrator, and bureaucrat rights as well as revoke rollback and administrator rights. The next thing you guys may ask is: "Why are you the one requesting for bureaucrat rights?" If you guys haven't noticed, in the past month, I was the only active administrator of the wiki and the only users with bureaucrat rights have been inactive for more than 60 days. As stated by an administrator of community central, "If all bureaucrats are sufficiently inactive, it's not uncommon for a standing admin to file a request to get bureaucrat rights."

For the reason to why I wish to get bureaucrat rights, it is quite simple, I want to grant user who have been actively contributing to the wiki the chance to become rollbackers. We have already quite a few users who wish to become rollbackers and I feel that they are highly qualified for the job but we have no active bureaucrat that can grant their request.

If given the opportunity to become a bureaucrat, I promise to uphold the rights given to me as well as give users their well deserve recognition.

Please leave a comment below on your thoughts about this.

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