First we got this and I was squealing my little heart out but then I looked a closer look at the picture. “Wait,” I said to myself. “June 17? That’s in a month from now. Shouldn’t they release the trailer right about now like in the last OVA?” I first ignored it and went on with my life.

After doing the usual edit and browsing the internet. I came across a blog post from Deviantart with a link to the supposed OVA. At first I was like, “Yeah right,” but when I heard the music Blow Away, I was jumping from my seat that my brother had to contain me.

The OVA is the anime adaptation of Chapter 298 The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land. It added more Gale and Jerza scenes that wasn’t part in the original chapter but who cares? I love these two pairing and they also deserve their time to shine in the OVA. Nalu and Gruvia already have theirs in the last one.

Anyhow, I can’t wait to watch this! Right now I’m rolling all over my brother while his on the phone with his girlfriend. I think he's pissed but I don’t care for now! Here's the trailer:

DVD付き「FAIRY TAIL」38巻 PV01:39


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