• Fairytailnalufan

    NaLu and NaLi

    September 7, 2015 by Fairytailnalufan

    Ok so before I start I just wanted to say something. This is my personal oppinion! I would appricate it if any hate comments wern't included. Please respect my oppinion and I promise I will respect yours! 

    So I just wanted to get something of my chest between the NaLu and the NaLi war! I find it so bloody annoying! There are so many ships in the show, but for some reason the NaLu and NaLi shippers seem to clash like it's the start of World War 3?  

    In my personal oppinion I believe NaLu is a better ship, but I don't go hating on NaLi shippers. If anything I can completely understand why people would ship Natsu and Lisanna, but I feel as if Natsu and Lucy have a better connection since Lucy first joined the guild. 

    Even when Lisanna came back …

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