Wiki edit month

Since v r going to have many couples and rivals as v' ve discussed [[1]] thr'll b a super edit contest.

In this contest the couples which will be properly edited will get space in the wiki navigation.Although we'll have all the couples/rivals in the page- Couples/Rivals.


This competiton will be held from November to December end. The best pages will be displayed in the Wiki navigation.The users r requested to start improving their favorite pages.


If u want a couple/rival to appear thr but don't get proper time to do so u can always request the admins to do so if u miss the contest. V can have another section for just EdoCouples. These couples will appear as EdoCanon , EdoSemicanon and EdoFanon Coules. U can bring ur favorite couple by voting in order to decide its popularity so that i can ask someone to improve the page.

Anuual Awards and Competitons

This competition is an annual one and here the pages r awarded. V have chosen November as the Super edit month. December is a Fest month where we will show the admins and othr users of FT wiki about the improvement here.This time it may not be a very grand event but as time passes we will surely improve

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