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  • Laven Heartfilla

    Well......our wiki is quite new so it needs some policies as most wikis have.

    So, I propose that we should use the following policies:

    • Layout Guide
    • Chat Policy
    • Image Policy
    • Talk Page Policy
    • Blocking Policy
    • User Page Policy
    • Blog Policy
    • Naming Policy (maybe)

    Regarding the Image Policy, do we need to be as strict as Fairy Tail Wiki? Or shall we create our own rules? I think that we should use the same concept of their fair use rationale and licenses. I have no idea on doing that~ Maybe Bere or the admins will help.

    Below are some polls:

    Do you support the suggestion of these policies? Yes! Go Laven! Yes, and I will help you~ xD No~~~~ TT^TT Argh! Policies again! Damn it! >.> .< I don't know......

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  • Laven Heartfilla!_Team

    See this ^ and you'll know ^_^

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  • Laven Heartfilla

    P/s: Hope all of you won't think that I'm too busybody about this, as I'm just helping out.

    Well.....our guild/team names have been decided:

    • Snapshot Guild
    • The Imaginators
    • The Rivalry Makers
    • Update Complete! team means that guild/team leaders must be appointed to lead the guild/team on completing pages and so on.

    And......these things/steps are needed.....

    • Guild Colors
    • Guild Mascots
    • Guild Crest
    • Guild Badges
    • Roles of the guild/team
    • Positions-Guild Master----S-class Mages----Mages (S-class Mages should be experienced users and Mages may be appointed to become S-class if the guild master thinks that it's needed)
    • Guidelines (according to the guild's roles)
    • Application form and qualifications

    (Image Guild will need some qualifications to make sure that …

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  • Laven Heartfilla

    Ehem....this type of blog is created before by IamJahukoRaikoben in FT I'm just copying taking it as a reference to guide new users (or active users) on editing/improving the wiki.

    • Fixing grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes- Most of the articles here are currently in a Under Construction or is in a not-that-good situation so hope you guys can edit the articles. You may choose to edit your favorite pairs' articles if you don't know how to start. If you're good at editing you may consider to join the Update Complete! team.
    • Good quality images-Our articles are in need of good quality images so please contribute some if you find out some articles that are lack of images to illustrate it.
    • Writing summaries-You will help us a lot in writing…

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  • Laven Heartfilla

    Well.....I think Natsumi has make a similar blog like this.....still I'm making it again. :P

    Voting starts:

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