Ehem....this type of blog is created before by IamJahukoRaikoben in FT I'm just copying taking it as a reference to guide new users (or active users) on editing/improving the wiki.

Things that the wiki needs done

  • Fixing grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes- Most of the articles here are currently in a Under Construction or is in a not-that-good situation so hope you guys can edit the articles. You may choose to edit your favorite pairs' articles if you don't know how to start. If you're good at editing you may consider to join the Update Complete! team.
  • Good quality images-Our articles are in need of good quality images so please contribute some if you find out some articles that are lack of images to illustrate it.
  • Writing summaries-You will help us a lot in writing summaries for the wikia as a lot of pages have not been created or lack of information.

Pages that are in need of help

Just search for the Needs Help pages by typing Category:Needs Help.

Tips to make yourself a better editor

  • Don't take things personally- If someone undos your edit because they believe it was incorrect, don't take it personally, simply see what they said was the problem and try to fix it for next time. Also if you feel like a user is deleting your work, then there's likely something wrong with it, don't act irrationally, simply contact the user and see what's the problem, or check the edit summary because there is likely a reason for their edits.
  • Watch your words- Be civil at all times, and try to be as kind as possible.

Hope this helps.

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