P/s: Hope all of you won't think that I'm too busybody about this, as I'm just helping out.

Well.....our guild/team names have been decided:

  • Snapshot Guild
  • The Imaginators
  • The Rivalry Makers
  • Update Complete! team means that guild/team leaders must be appointed to lead the guild/team on completing pages and so on.

And......these things/steps are needed.....

  • Guild Colors
  • Guild Mascots
  • Guild Crest
  • Guild Badges
  • Roles of the guild/team
  • Positions-Guild Master----S-class Mages----Mages (S-class Mages should be experienced users and Mages may be appointed to become S-class if the guild master thinks that it's needed)
  • Guidelines (according to the guild's roles)
  • Application form and qualifications

(Image Guild will need some qualifications to make sure that the Mages can provide good quality images)

In my opinion, these things should be discuss among the guild masters and admins. So a election is needed to choose the guild masters.

Of course, it all depends on him. >_> These are just my suggestions.

Thanks! And please leave your comments too! :)

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