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  • MorganaDragneel

    About Episode 125

    January 2, 2013 by MorganaDragneel

    I'm confused. So I was watching Fairy Tail episode 125, Magical Ball, where Velveno tries to take the Balsamico family ring to propose to Aceto. Velveno said that he copied every Fairy Tail wizard's power. 

    I understand about Natsu, Gray and Elfman's ability magics, and kind of about Erza's holder requip, but what about Lucy? How could he summon the Celestial Spirits without Lucy's keys? I suppose maybe he could jump in the air and snatch them out of her hand, but...

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  • MorganaDragneel

    First impressions....

    December 31, 2012 by MorganaDragneel

    Hello, fellow Fairy Tail mages! 

    I'm MorganaDragneel! I'd love to chat, or join discussions, and meet all of you! 

    Morgana Dragneel is my fictional character's name. My absolute favourite Fairy Tail character is Natsu Dragneel, so I'd say Morgana is Natsu's long-lost sister of sorts...anyway, my ideal magic if I were a Fairy Tail mage is Element Vortex Dragon/God Slayer (the strengths of fire, water, earth and air). Or maybe Star Search Dragon/God Slayer (the power of the stars). 

    Anyways, this place is awesome! I've only been here for--what, 10 minutes?--but I'm already excited. 

    More than anything else, I ship Natsu x Lucy, Gray x Juvia, Kinana/Cubellious x Cobra, Erza x Jellal, Mira x Laxus, Wendy x Mystogan (a bit awkward...), Aquarius x S…

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