• NaLuTheatear

          Some people think that Lucy and Lisanna are rivals but the truth is they are not, NaLu and NaLi lovers have to accept that. They always quarrel about Who will Natsu's love be, Lucy or Lisanna? I never had a memory that Lucy and Lisanna fight because of Natsu. If Mashima is planning to let NaLu/ Li happen, we Fairy Tail lovers need to accept it, you all can say you opinions but don't say bad things about other pairings.

    Lucy and Lisanna were seen smiling at each other when Lisa-chan came back to Earthland from Edolas. Lucy even cried when Lisanna was reunited to her Mira-nee and Elf-neechan and also relieved when Lisanna was safe and even promises  Lisanna to always stay by Natsu's side(which Lisanna asks to Lucy) and Lisanna was shock…

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