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  • Natsumi Thetis

    It's been a while since a made a blog, but I think this topic should be discussed in public.

    So, as the title suggests, I'd like to remove all canon, semi-canon and fanon tags from the articles. Why? Because the main reason there are sooo much fighting between shippers and us, are these categories. Why isn't Grayza semi-canon? Why isn't NaLu canon? Etc, etc. I think the best solution is removing the categories, so everyone can decide whether a pair is canon or not on his/her own.

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  • Natsumi Thetis

    Hello my fellow Fairy Tail Couples Wiki editors! As the title says, we've got some things to discuss.

    One and most important: the Guilds and Teams question. Several users (mostly me and Dynasty) already wrote to Ice. So, I recommend a system like the Fairy Tail Wiki's, but not completely same: Guild Master, Mages and maybe S-Class Mages and a Supervisor.

    As for the Guilds' name and task, my ideas are:

    A Grammar Guild and an Image Guild. I don't really know other Guilds, that would be needed for this Wiki. Please post your opinion!

    We have these Awards: Best Couple Creator, Best Rival Creator and Love Maestro. But nobody receives them. So I'd like to do a voting about it: (I don't want to bypass the admins and this voting will be official with their…

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