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(c)Hiro Mashima

I think Layla totally had some connection with the dragons. Mashima wouldn’t have emphasized her death date, or left her death in mystery if he didn’t have plans for her. Layla becoming a celestial spirit is also a great theory! It would make sense with the magic consumption idea, as well as with the story.'
noctelle and I also thought that maybe Layla had something to do with the one magic. Every time it’s brought up, they refer to Layla. Also, since the one magic is love, maybe then it has to do with sacrificing for those you love? Like Layla sealing the dragons, or Lucy stopping END, at a certain cost…'I feel like since the one magic is hinted at as being love or the essence of love that maybe how things will end (haha pun very much intended!) might be for Natsu to lose himself and Lucy to bring him back with the one magic (or something along those lines) .. I also think that maybe Layla sacrificed herself to save the others from turning into dragons (like maybe she used love to put them there inside them or something)'But yeah I feel like if that’s what Mashima has in the works then I feel like thats likely the moment Nalu will be a confirmed cannon. (like sure its obs cannon going that way… but like I feel that will be the pinnacle of this whole realtionship build up you know?)'uhmmm yeah thats what i think but its a theory, so what do you guys think? .. 

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