Okay but is anyone else worried about this? IGNEEL, tried to destroy END. Natsu Dragneel.

But whether or not he failed on purpose, the part that worries me the most was that it took place 400 years ago.

Image Deleted

This up so many theories, but also closes a lot for us. The one that’s most prominent in my mind right now is that END was already created, and somehow maybe took over Natsu’s body.

This would confirm that Natsu had real parents, and a real story before Igneel. Maybe even his family was somehow related to Zeref, and that’s why he was taken over by END.

Maybe even his family was cursed, maybe he had his memories altered and was changed from END to a child.

Was it a coincidence that Igneel found Natsu? Did ingeel actually find him, or was he making sure END was never released? Who knows. There’s so many possibilities lol.

Maybe it will be revealed in FT Zero if we get to see anymore of Zeref. But whatever is to come, I’m very nervous.

If anyone wants to add something please do… I’m curious as to what other people think of this

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